IN ENGLISH is a place where you can contact appropriate person while looking for a leasing for your company. We advise how to get and what are the conditions of a leasing agreement. Our customers are private enterpreneurs, small personal companies and big corporations. We provide our services for many branches, like transport, production, gastronomy or public services. It doesn't matter if you run your business for many years or you have just started. Though it is crucial that you run it in Poland and you are registered here.

For our clients we lease items like:

Typical private mean of transportation, usually for 2-5 persons, but also these designed to transport up to 9 persons (small busses).
Small trucks with gross weight up to 3,5 tons, with no need to pay a tax for a mean of transport, either in a body of a truck or a private car.
Trucks & Trailers
Heavy duty transport vehicles as a solo or both with a trailers. Designed to carry more than 3,5 tons. Requires covering a tax for a mean of transport.
Semi-trucks & Semi-trailers
Designed to carry freights, long distance and heavy duty transportation means. Also trailers for special purposes (low beds, tanks or oversize).
Busses & Coaches
Vehicles able to carry more than 9 person, either for a local transport or for a long distance travels.
Special vehicles
Units designed for special purposes, like cranes, trolleys, slurry tankers, and many others. Also heavy-duty works, medical transport (ambulances) or fire trucks.
Special vehicles for agricultural purposes. As a single unit or with special equipment, trailers or machinery.
Other means of transport
Many other transportation units like aircrafts, trains, boats, yachts, motorcycles, helicopters.
Building Machinery
Machines used on building sites, eg. excavators, loaders, cranes, concrete mixers and many others. Also these ones which are necessary in finishing.
Road Machinery
Special units for roads construction, like rollers, machines for building concrete or bituminous surfaces. Also snowblowers and machines for road maintenance.
Units desinged to move materials over short distances. Both for transportation and lifting. Powered by electrycity or liquid fuel.
Warehouse Equipment
Warehouse shelves and automatic storage systems, including gantry cranes.
Metallic Industry Machinery
Machinery for metal working, plasma cutters, lathes, milling machines. Units used for metal details production.
Plastic Industry Machinery
Machines for production of plastic items used in variety of market branches, eg. injection molding machines.
Wood Industry Machines
Machines like cutters, milling machines, saws. Also forestry machines (harvesters, forwarders) and machines for furniture industry.
Machines for Natural Resources
Different units for stone industry, glass production, plaster, limestone and cement industry. Also for bricks and ceramics production.
Textile Industry Machinery
Machines used for branches connected with clothing industry, products made of leather or upholdstered automotive parts and furnitures.
Gastonomy Machinery
Machinery used for food and beverages production, bakery and food concentrates. Designed for meat, fish, fat, milk and poultry industry.
Medical Machines
Units used in different segments of medical industry: dentist chairs, computed axial tomography, x-ray machines, laboratory equipment and many others.
Typography Machinery
Segment of wood industry related to production of paper and printing industry. For example folding, binding and punching machines and offset printers.
IT Machines & Software
IT equipment like server rooms, hardware for special puproses, consoles or scanners. Also licensed software or systems.
Real Estates
Properties build for commercial purposes, warehouses, production floors, offices and bureaus, shopping centres and many others.


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